Natural Pools & Living Pools

Chemical free swimming pools without planting

Natural bathing water without planting

Natural pools, also called biopools, are swimming pools with natural water treatment. The bathing water is purified without chlorine and is so soft and gentle to the skin, just like a mountain lake. Unlike swimming ponds, natural pools do not require a planted regeneration zone. 

You would like to have a classic swimming pool in your garden, but you don't want a planting zone or chemically treated bathing water? With a natural pool, this combination is possible: Visually, a bio pool does not differ from a classic chlorine pool. The water is biologically treated with the right technology, without the need for a planted regeneration zone. 

For 25 years we have been a partner of BIOTOP landscaping from Austria, manufacturer of the natural pool technology "Living Pool", which we use for the construction of our natural pools. Read more about the technology below.

Implemented projects with Living Pool

"Water is an incredibly beautiful element in the garden. Thanks to the Living Pool technology, it is possible to build a swimming pool with 0% chemicals and 100% quality of life," Daniel Egli.

Different types of basins

Polypropylene basin

Our polypropylene prefabricated pools impress with high-quality and durable materials. The individual manufacturing possibilities result in a wide range of pool types. The entire pool with all the customer wishes such as individual stairs, benches or even flat water loungers, are made of the same material and have all so also all the same color. The price-performance ratio of the PP pool is excellent and the already prefabricated pool also shortens the construction time.

Natural stone pool

The new prefabricated granite pool is a visual highlight. The high-quality material adds elegance to the garden and lets the water shine in a deep blue. The granite pool can be built as an overflow, infinity or skimmer pool. The self-supporting design of the pool opens up new design possibilities. The pool can be built in an elevated position or placed on a slope. All built-in parts are integrated flush into the solid granite and do not require large panels.

Foil pool

Foil lining is incredibly versatile. The shape and size, as well as the location of the pool do not matter with this lining. Of course, we also use a very high quality FPO film, which does not contain plasticizers. The Blue-Grey foil color also gives your pool a wonderful water color. We would be happy to show you the advantages of this liner with a good price-performance ratio in person.

Natural pool with stainless steel pool

Natural pools with stainless steel pools are high quality, durable and custom-made. If you like strong, cubic architecture with clean lines, you'll feel right at home in a stainless steel pool. No other product reflects the light in the water in such a unique way as the stainless steel pool. Every movement of water, every wave and the smallest swirl is flooded by the reflecting rays of the sun and makes the gray-blue surface of the water sparkle - a fascinating spectacle that only a stainless steel pool can offer in this way. Visit a natural pool with stainless steel pool in our show garden, the Garden Villa.

Natural stone or porcelain stoneware lining

There are few natural stones that are suitable for pool construction. Therefore, as a rule, rely on ceramic tiles, which are made to mimic the appearance of natural stones. More rarely, pools are lined with natural stone. 

The porcelain stoneware tiles are imitated the look of a natural stone and thus give the water a very beautiful color. A natural pool with porcelain stoneware also meets the highest style requirements: the slabs are very large and can therefore be laid without horizontal joints. Visit a natural pool with porcelain stoneware lining in our show garden, the Garden Villa.

References with naturally cleaned swimming pools

How the technology behind the pools works without chemistry

We build our natural pools with the proven Living Pool technology of the Austrian company BIOTOP. These natural pools do not differ visually from classic pools. However, the water is not purified with chlorine, but with an intelligent filter system: phosphate, which is vital for algae, is removed from the water, leaving it crystal clear and free of algae like a mountain lake. For years, egli jona ag has been the Swiss partner of BIOTOP Landschaftsgestaltung GmbH and the leading provider of the installation of these biopools.

Living Pool technology for natural cleanliness

Under an elegant sundeck made of wood or stone slabs lies the biofilter, which takes over part of the purification work. The biofilter directs the bathing water with a small, energy-efficient pump into the phosphate filter, where the phosphate is almost completely removed from the water. Afterwards, the natural water flows back into the bathing area. A pool robot also independently cleans the bottom and walls of the pool.

Swimming pools without plants, algae or animals

Living Pool technology is the further development of swimming pond technology. This means: Today, a planted regeneration zone is no longer necessary to treat the water naturally. Without planting, there are also no small animals cavorting in the water.

Easy conversion from chlorine pool to natural pool

Swimming pools with Living Pool technology can be built with different materials: With an elegant stainless steel pool, as a ceramic or natural stone pool. The technology makes the difference. Conventional pools, whose water is chemically treated with chlorine, can also be converted to the Living Pool System without much effort.

1. arc skimmer 2. bio compact filter 3. phosphate filter 4. submersible pump shaft 5. robot 6. carbonator

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